Secure your digital future with our ready-made cloud-based solutions.


HG15’s cloud-based software for payments and reporting, e-commerce, data management and customer engagement are accessible on any Internet-enabled device, via a user-friendly, secure online administration system.


Key parts of the platform embed straight into websites with zero coding required, and offer zero-maintenance, no end-of-life solutions.


Responsive and powerful, our cloud-based applications provide access to streamlined reporting and management of data online. As well as aiding efficiency, our efficient solutions offers you a means of reducing in-house costs, boosting productivity and achieving rapid scalability.

Proven and effective cloud-based solutions

Choose feature rich and agile software


Our user-friendly software solutions allow businesses and non-profits to optimise their digital performance, with integrated online payments systems and streamlined data management and reporting.


All our software is provided with methodologies that enable rapid, reliable implementation to maximise time and cost savings, allowing your new system to go to work quickly, and start providing its benefits.

Some of our solutions are listed below.
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Embeds in seconds
No API required
No monthly fees


Visa, MC, Amex
No API required
No monthly fees


Fundraising platform
No monthly fees


Multi-Org Membership
Private Member Zone
Tenders, Jobs, Events, Blogs, News


Image Collection
Workflow Management
Gallery Curation


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